Five ways to prepare for a meeting with an agent

By Nathan Froelich December 17, 2015

Meeting a new agent? Wow them with your client relations skills by preparing for the meeting beforehand. Here are five things you can do to show up to an in person meeting prepared and ready to build a lasting relationship.

1) Research – Find out who this agent is both inside and outside of their career. Take note of things like career accomplishments, personal happenings, family/lifestyle events, ect. To spark meaningful conversations be strategic with how you use this information. For example, if you find out they recently took a trip, mention a trip you have planned and ask them if they have traveled lately.

2) Reach out beforehand – Connect with your clients before the meeting by making both online and personal connections. Becoming their friends on social media networks is a great start. A day before the meeting call the agent to engage in short but meaningful conversation ending in how much you look forward to expanding on the topic the next day.

3) Offer an unreal value proposition – People won’t work with others that offer them little in return. Sure low interest rates are great, but what can you specifically do for the agent? Consider offering them something of value - that is compliant - by using a program like Agent Engage.

4) Take notes – During the meeting the agent will discuss later plans for that day/week, state something related to their business, and will likely share something personal. Take note of what the agent is saying so you can follow up with a purpose. Remembering it was their birthday might as well be good as gold!

5) Prepare an exit plan – Prior to the end of the meeting ask yourself, what can I do in the final moments to ensure I have made a lasting impression? If you asked for only 30 minutes of their time, 25 minutes into the conversation know exactly how you are going to wrap up your meeting thus showing you respect their time and honor your word.

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