Craft an out of this world value proposition

By Nathan Froelich December 17, 2015

To simply state it, a value proposition is the number one thing which determines if people will work with you or not. A value proposition has three main purposes; states specific benefits to working with you, explains how your services solves or improves your client’s situation, and shows your clients why they should choose you over your competition.

Keep in mind you don’t need the best value proposition out there, you just have to be able to provide something unique in your client’s mind.

No matter how great your marketing and sales strategies are, agents will not be persuaded to work with you unless you can truly improve some aspect of their career or business. To establish your value proposition, start out by asking yourself these three questions:

What can I offer my clients others can’t?

What makes my offering unique and different?

Why am I the best choice for my client?

By answering these questions you are identifying the specific benefits you can provide your agents. Keep in mind you don’t need the best value proposition out there, you just have to be able to provide something unique in your client’s mind.

Your value proposition will have many responsibilities. It will identify problems, provide solutions, and highlight benefits your clients can’t get elsewhere. When crafting your value proposition, get specific with how your services will solve or improve your agent’s business by using these key points:

  • Providing relatable results – Remind your agents about a current problem within their business or industry and follow up with a solution. For example, if they need a Newsletter template leverage the Agent Engage solution to connect them to where they can create a Newsletter for free. By doing so you are showing your clients they can count on you to solve and improve some aspect of their business.

  • Providing clear-cut benefits – Get specific with the benefits agents can expect to receive when working with you. Although this can be tricky due to compliance issues, see what other MLO’s are doing in your area and find a way to do it different. A benefit can even be as simple as a promise to call back within 30 minutes which in return cuts out any wait time to hear from you.

In the final phases of crafting your value proposition it is important to know how you are going to strengthen your case, or prove why you are better than your competitor. It isn’t enough to tell someone you are going to do something with little proof that you can actually do it. Consider using testimonials to convey your strengths, or provide a form of assurance. A form of assurance can be the option to cancel a contract anytime, for any reason. Although this could be unknowing, it shows your clients you believe in your level of service and they can too.

Creating a compelling value proposition won’t happen overnight. It takes time to learn what your target market is looking for, then discovering new ways to meet their needs. Although this is true, continuously evolving your proposition will ensure that overtime it will be undeniably the best it can be.

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