10 Habits for Becoming a Better Salesperson

By Nathan Froelich December 18, 2015

Many people believe you have to be born with sales skills to become a top producer when in fact, a lot of great sales people are introverts – those who prefer to keep to themselves. To be a top producer you have to have the right business habits and strategies in place.

Here are 10 business habits you can adopt to become a more efficient sales person:

1. Set and stick to an ideal client – A clearly defined agent persona will make your prospecting and marketing efforts precise and meaningful. Knowing who you are selling to will make it easier to reach them.

2. Create a measurable and repeatable lead generation process – Use measurable actions to understand the results of your efforts. By measuring each part of your lead process you will be able to see the weak points and improve them.

3. Know your value proposition – Every great sales rep. knows their product inside and out. As a MLO you are selling yourself. Be confident in your value proposition and know exactly what your selling points are.

4. Focus on building personal relationships – Relationships are the foundations of any great sales pipeline. As an MLO, personal relationships not only assure a solid referral system but they also secure re-occurring business.  

5. Think outside of the box – Unfortunately you are not the only MLO marketing to your target audience. How are you going to stand out from the rest? A good MLO will utilize outside resources like the Agent Engage Solution to stay top of mind with their agent contacts and outshine their competitors.

6. Put yourself in their shoes – Ask yourself, if I was in my client’s shoes what would I want and need in an MLO? Your sales strategy should be built with your agent’s interest in mind.    

7. Actively listen – When conversing with others it’s common to mentally form a response before the other is finished with their sentence. Become a better salesperson by actively listening to your clients prior to responding to them.  

8. Work with a purpose – Other than money. Why did you get in this industry? The answer to this question will ultimately be your purpose and an even greater motivator then money.  

9. Follow up like a boss – A good sales professional will follow up with a phone call, an email, another phone call, and possibly another email. Why? Because it can take more than one or two tries to seal the deal.

10. Attitude is everything – Life happens and not every day will be perfect. Although this is true, a great sales person knows how to leave it at the door when entering the office to start a new day.    

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