Calendars, pens, and notepads won’t do the trick

By Nathan Froelich November 21, 2016

Three ways to stay on your realtor’s minds and increase market share

Author note— the intent is to make title companies understand that they have to employ new, modern techniques to grow their business from real estate agents— Three ways to do so will be outlined here. Feel free to add, cut or just basically make it a masterpiece in your own way!

As a top producing real estate agent in 2007, I always looked forward to receiving my desk calendar from my favorite title company. It was big and blue, dated with large numbers, and contained a little section to the right for important notes. Every time I jotted down a contact’s information or scheduled an appointment, I saw the logo and picture of my favorite title rep. I was even using a pen with her company’s logo on it. (It wrote great and had the best ink!) As I walked through my office, a company of fifty agents, I saw one of her calendars on every desk, many marked with the same chicken scratch of appointments made and notes taken. It was great tool for her to stay top of mind with all of my realtors.

In 2007, that strategy worked great, but 2016 is a whole different ballgame. Times have drastically changed. Not only am I hard pressed to find more than three realtors in an office at any given time, but when I see these branded calendars, they are as clean as the day they were delivered. The batch of title company logo pens still sit untouched at the front desk of the real estate company. And let’s not mention the stack of business cards the title company left behind. I think I saw them in the trash next to the company’s administrative assistant.

It is getting increasingly harder to get face time with the modern day real estate agent, let alone get your product or service in front of them. They are not at the office and the good ones can’t be found at local networking events. They are mobile, out selling and meeting with clients or prospecting for business. Gone are the days of using pens, notepads, and large desk calendars to stay organized. Instead they use their iPads, iPhones, and laptops to conduct business.

So how can you build brand recognition and stay top of mind and relevant in this noisy, brand-saturated world? 

1. Consistent communication. Effective and consistent communication with your contacts is imperative. Email campaigns are one of the easiest and most cost effective touch points you can use to stay in front of your agents weekly.

2. Usable content. “Content is king” is not just a cliché saying. If you aren’t providing educational, helpful, usable material to your agents, you could just be adding to the noise of their day. Are you sending them relevant ideas, strategies, tips, resources, and tools? Load your communications with content and ideas that will help them further their businesses.

3. Strong social media presence. Create a unique business page for your title company and share a mix of expert title content, endearing company culture, and great, usable ideas and strategies.

By implementing these three strategies, you can become a thought-leader and create a space in your agents’ minds for you and your brand. Once you are relevant to their success, you will earn the business time and time again.


About the Author:

Eric Sachs, Breakthrough Broker President and Co-Founder

After a successful career as a top producing real estate agent and building a mid-sized real estate company in Colorado, broker and owner Eric Sachs and his business partner sold their company. They followed their passion of helping real estate agents build their business by founding Breakthrough Broker has become one of the most widely used real estate agent resources in the industry, with over 140,000 agents turning to the site for business development tools, marketing materials, and industry information. Eric co-founded the realtor engagement resource AgentEngage, helping title and mortgage organizations expand business through effective communication with their realtor contacts. Eric is a recognized national speaker and is dedicated to helping real estate agents and title and mortgage companies succeed in building their businesses.

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