The art of follow up when working with real estate agents

By Nathan Froelich October 19, 2015

Have you ever left a meeting with a real estate agent, whom your hoping to develop a new business relationship with, thinking it couldn’t have possibly gone any better? Both of you connected. You built great rapport, explained your value proposition and why they should use your services, heck even laughed a bit. At the end of the meeting the agent agreed to use you for their next mortgage referral or title order, and you left feeling like you gained a new client for life. What happened next? You never heard from that agent again even though you know they had new clients who they could have recommended you too. Trying to get new business from Realtors can be enough to want to pull your hair out.

"Trying to get new business from Realtors can be enough to want to pull your hair out."

Here’s the good news, it’s not you, it’s them. Realtors are living in an extremely noisy world. They are being bombarded with offers from tech companies like Zillow, Trulia,, BoomTown, Top Producer, Market Leader, and, just to name a few. And let’s not forget about your competition - mortgage, title, home warranty, inspection, and real estate companies recruiting them. Combine all this with the undeniable fact that many good Realtors have a short attention span (not derogatory just a bi-product of being good at sales) and it’s a recipe for disappointment. Here’s the bad news, the communication process broke down due to your follow up. How did you stay in front of that Realtor after the meeting? Even if you sent a hand written thank you card and left a follow up message on their voice mail a week later, that's just not enough! 

Simply having the meeting is no longer the win. To win you need a rock solid follow up system. Here are a few ideas for you:

What: Follow up with your agent contacts with information or tools they care about. Don’t send mortgage rate sheets or title benefits. Don’t send brochures about your company or your business card. Instead, send items that will help the agent with their business. Send a 2016 business plan, or strategies on how to get more listings. Get the picture? Send your agent contacts items relevant to their success. (The Agent Engage Automated Marketing System does this for you!)

Frequency: Once per month is not enough. Remember how much noise is out there. Send this type of content at least once per week. Stay in front of your agents by offering them great business ideas, something your competition probably isn't doing. Timing is everything, you need to be the last one they hear from if their going to send you business. 

Follow up meeting: Don’t just call to “catch up”, make sure all follow up calls have a purpose and to schedule a follow up meeting within the first 30 days. Schedule the meeting to go over a marketing idea, or a listing strategy.  You will be more successful when you ask to meet with an agent about a specific item that is related to their success. 

For these and other ideas please stay connected with us here at, we are committed to helping you drive more business from real estate professionals!

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