How To Help An Agent With Their Business Plan

By Nathan Froelich October 28, 2015

If you know anything about our philosophy at Agent Engage we believe strongly in the law of reciprocity. Many mortgage, title, and home warranty companies use this law as an effective, sincere way to grow market share. We wholeheartedly think this is one of the best ways to develop a strong business relationship regardless of your industry.

"Don’t assume most agents have their plan, they don’t."

To the point! We are going to give you simple strategies which put the law of reciprocity to use by helping an agent with their annual business plan using the Breakthrough Broker Success Plan. Note: You can create a free account and download the plan on

Step 1. Scheduling the appointment

As the ancient philosopher Laozi said, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, scheduling the appointment can be the hardest part of the process. Here are some tips and scripts.

  1. Don’t assume most agents have their plan, they don’t. We know from teaching thousands of agents most procrastinate and never get their plan done.

  2. Ask a simple question, “Have you done your business plan for next year?” This is the ice breaker and it is important that you DO NOT ask, “Do you want help with your business plan for next year?” People don’t usually like to admit they need help as written in the latter script.

  3. When they say no to the question consider responding like this, “I’ve been wanting to do some business planning for myself and I’ve got a great business plan for real estate agents too. Can we get together for coffee and work on our plans for next year?

Disclaimer, scripts are clunky and awkward. Use this as a starting point and put it in your own sincere words.

Step 2. Before the appointment

  1. Download the free business plan and print a couple copies.

  2. Watch the plan tutorial video and make some quick notes.

Step 3. The appointment

This is your chance to really connect with the agent that you are meeting with, you are going to give them a hard copy of the Breakthrough Success Plan and let them know there is also a video tutorial.

  1. Build rapport, this is your chance to catch up and ask them how life is.

  2. Give them the plan and take some time to go through it with them.

  3. You don’t have to be the foremost expert at real estate business planning, take some time and just read through it with them. You will get a sense of how willing they are to share with you their goals and plan for the next year.

  4. Finish the meeting by committing to hold each other accountable to your respective plans.

Step 4. Follow up

This is where we all crash and burn, let’s face it follow up is tough. Set a reminder in your calendar and stick to it.

  1. If they didn’t complete the plan at your initial meeting follow up in the next few days and ask if they finished their plan.

  2. Set a reminder for continued follow up and consider mapping out what you intend to follow up with. Breakthrough Broker has hundreds of topics which can be used for conversation starters.

Step 5. Ask for the business

If you’ve done everything above chances are you’ve already seen some business come your way. If not it’s time to ask the agent if they have anyone you can work with. Ask them, “If you do have someone that you can recommend for (mortgage, title, home warranty) do you feel comfortable recommending them to me?”

Agent Engage specializes in helping the affiliate industries grow their market share through our automated, direct to Realtor® marketing system. To learn how we can help you build your business contact us. 

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