Three things your REALTORS® need in the New Year

By Nathan Froelich October 07, 2015

At Agent Engage™ we believe the number one way to strengthen a business relationship and increase your market share is by demonstrating your expertise and resourcefulness to your referral partners. This list of needs is based on having met with thousands of real estate agents nationwide. Based on our experience, about fifteen percent of agents have a business plan for the upcoming year. When you help an agent increase their income, professionalism, and achieve their goals, you’ll have a loyal partner who will recommend your services.

Show the real estate agents you work with that you are a valuable resource to their business with these three highly useful tools from*

*If you don’t have a free profile on you can create one in just a couple minutes. There is no catch…for real.

  1. Breakthrough Business Plan (Success Plan)- Business planning should be easy and trackable. This easy to use business plan, regarded as one of the best in the industry will show an agent how many homes they need to sell to meet their income goals .Here’s a tip, don’t just give them the plan, take a half hour to sit with them and actually complete the plan 100.

  2. Marketing Action Plan- Used in conjunction with the business plan, this action plan outlines all the activities an agent will need to do to generate leads. Go the extra mile. Set a reminder in your calendar to follow up with them and see if they’ve put the plan to work.

  3. Accounting Workbook- This is for agents who are serious about their business and in turn these are the agents you should want to work with. This workbook will help them budget and manage all the financials of their business. They will especially love you come tax time!

Set your agents up for success by helping them complete these three important business planning functions prior to the new year. Do not make the mistake of assuming agents already have this information. We can tell you from experience, most do not. When you are done helping your agent's plan for 2016 don’t stop there. Make a copy of their plans for yourself and stay in touch throughout the year.

Eric Sachs President and Co-Founder Agent Engage™ and Breakthrough Broker LLC 

After being a police detective for 13 years Eric pursued a career in real estate and became a top producing agent and broker owner. When his real estate company with over 65 Realtors was acquired he started with his business partner in 2012. The website quickly became one of the most popular resources for real estate professionals in the country. They also Co-Founded Agent Engage™ which is a marketing and consulting platform dedicated to helping the affiliated industries grow their residential purchase business.


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